Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that he's nine months old. Little Steve is a very expressive child. I know he wishes he could talk, because when he wants to tell you something, he will just coo and coo (or holler).

He's teething again, and that's made for several nights of little rest. Daddy has escaped the bedroom on the verge of a breakdown this past weekend. Usually he gets up with Little Man so that I can rest, but I switched the script this weekend. I'm learning to get used to my son's sleep schedule, though I would love for him to sleep a little later. No matter what time he goes to bed (unless it's at like, 2am) he's not going to sleep past 7. When he sees the light peeking under the curtains, he's ready to get up. We "try" to tell him that while the street lights are still on, he should be sleeping, but Little Steve is not having that.

He's also standing up more and more. It's nothing to him now. See how he mocks us with his big boy-ness? :-)

Our days pretty much have a solid routine; we're up by 8 (unless I just can't take it and I make him go back to sleep, which has us up by 8:45 most days). Little Steve likes Playhouse Disney. I don't want to be one of those moms who lets the TV babysit her kid (especially since I'm home all day), but I do actually like those shows. There's a couple on Nickelodeon that are good, too. Imagine, I'm learning Spanish and Chinese. And at least they keep his attention. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (haha, so do I). I'm going to give him a Mickey-themed party for his first birthday. We probably won't be able to do very much, but he's at least going to have a cake and some balloons (not to mention a few more presents, and right after Christmas, too!).

I keep seeing those ads for the giant cupcake tin, and I plan to make him one with Mickey ears. The party favors are inexpensive, and I'm sure his grandmothers will spoil him. I'm really excited about the new toys Fisher Price are coming out with. Mom got him one from a yard sale the other day and it makes all sorts of music. I've become immune to the noise of kid's toys. I personally think they're better than hearing him cry any day. Little Steve's cry is my Kryptonite. I just curl up in the fetal position after about 20 straight minutes.

Fall is here, and I'm so excited about it. I can't wait for Halloween; Little Man has a bumblebee costume. We're gonna have to get him some other shoes (the Mary Janes with bows on them aren't gonna work), but he seems to like the costume. When I put it on him, he was just rolling around in it. Right now, he's trying to slide open the patio door...*pause* Okay he isn't gonna fall out on his head. So I can post a picture of how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE HE LOOKS!!!

One character trait that is definitely emerging in my son is his stubborn nature. His father is a mule (and I tell him that, too), and I'm learning that my son will not do certain things without a struggle, and other things you just cannot get him to do without an all-out cage match in the bargain.

My mother bought me a battery-operated nasal aspirator. The thing is a dream...except when baby is so full of mucus that it clogs the machinery. It worked for two days then died...I thought sure we'd broken it. Eager person that I was (gotta keep him breathing), I took it apart and found it filled with icky gooey stuff. So I cleaned it, and it works fine. But Little Man definitely doesn't like anything in his nose. Except when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on.

I'm really enjoying watching him grow. I just can't believe how the time has flown.

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