Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Poem for Homeless Children

One night I wrote this for my son, as I sought a way to put into words my feelings for him during this time of ours. While we are not homeless, moving from place to place does affect Steven. It bothers me sometimes that he will move around on average once per year of his life by the time he is five. It is my hope that someday soon we will stay someplace long term. While I want my son to experience the joy of travel, it was not my intention for it to happen this way.

When writing this, I thought about all the parents who find themselves homeless or displaced with children in tow.

So, on to the poem.

A Poem for the Homeless Child

No matter where we go child,
No matter what we do,
If we are together, we are home.
Our "home" is me and you.
I know we seem to move a lot,
You've no place to call your bed.
But the home you seek is in my arms,
Where you now rest your head.
One day it will not be this way,
One day it all will end.
We'll settle down and cease to roam,
Life will be normal again.
Yes times are hard and I know you've seen
the worry I try to hide,
Don't be afraid to lean on me,
It's quite alright to cry.
I'll keep you safe, I'll keep you warm,
I'll shelter you from harm.
Our struggle is soon ending,
There's no cause for alarm.
Now close your eyes and go to sleep,
Dream sweet dreams of tomorrow.
For tomorrow is coming and brings with it,
A cure for both our sorrows.
No matter where we end up child,
This much I know is true:
My true home has always been
Wherever I find you

I love you, Steven.

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