Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 months

Little Man will be 9 months old on Sunday. I can't believe that the time has flown so quickly. He's been nursing his first cold this past week, and it's been a bit difficult, what with the nasal aspiration and medication....lots of fun (yeah, right).

I think that lately I've been able to stress less and enjoy him more. My pregnancy was filled with so much fear and stress, and I grieve a little that I didn't get to just thrill in the fact that he was growing under my heart.

These days I try to laugh more, kiss his little cheeks, hands and feet more, and be more patient. We've learned that we have a "high needs" child, and that definitely explains a lot of his behaviors, as well as gives me a feeling of relief. I'm not doing something wrong, and there's nothing wrong with him. He just has higher needs than the average baby. Understanding this has helped me to be more compassionate and sensitive to his needs.

Everywhere we go, I get compliments on him. I hope I never take it for granted, though I am quite used to it now. I just smile, say "thank you" and tell him to say hi. He looks around with his wide-eyed stare and continues to focus on whatever caught his attention before he was noticed.
He's good at occupying himself when he wants to. But when he wants his parents, he wants his parents, and there is NOTHING that will deter him. Which is okay, what else do we live for right now, but for him? I think he knows it, haha.

Little Steve is close to walking on his own, he's standing on his own and can "walk" very quickly if you hold his hands. He's fully capable of holding his own bottle, but refuses to. It's kind of amusing, trying to put his hands on the bottle, and watching him just go limp because I'm holding him. Well, he'll do it when he's ready.

Mama is tired. Bed early tonight. I've been sleeping like the dead lately, and he's been sleeping like a wild thing in between us. :-)

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