Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Standing too close to the TV

I'm grateful at times for the short attention span of an 8-month-old.

Especially when it comes to watching TV.

Steve and I are very careful about what we watch when Little Man is awake, because we were watching wrestling one night, and he was sitting up so attentive. We looked at each other and went, "uh-oh...:. Baby was just too happy.

Well, most mornings I'm like an old engine trying to start on a cold morning (sputter sputter), so I'm greatful for Dora the Explorer, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse, etc. They are a lifesaver. They give me just enough time to figure out where my limbs and brain are.

Problem is, when we're in the living room, little man likes to get right up on the screen. I have to research whether or not that's harmful or not. Most likely, those pretty silver eyes will be behind glasses in time, as both his parents are blind.

But I learned to stay back from the TV when I was little. :-)

Oh, and did I mention this child likes to "update his Facebook status"? When I'm on the computer, he loves to sit on my lap and type. So I let him tell the world how he's feeling from time to time. It shows up like this: "bo;lui;pgbewriug[-9769er4lb nhjv ljebdrjuvbkwer bk"....

Whatever that means. He tends to get a lot of good responses.

Off topic, I've crossed off most of the items on my checklist today. Still ticked about the fact that I have to break it down like that, but it is what it is. Now to go, because the child is trying to unplug something again. *sigh*

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